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Bangers & Lace - Get Lodged


Honestly, we've only been to Bangers & Lace in Evanston for the beer. Even my friends will tell you how unusual that is for me. The menu is hearty and rustic, full of sausage and craftbeers just like the name implies. Banger means sausage and lace refers to the foam "veil" on the side of your beer glass. Think also cheese curds, hot dogs, truffled grilled cheese, meats on a plate, French fries, deviled eggs and pickles. Sounds heavenly, I know, but personally I'd rather nosh and drink here than dine. I'm what you call a practical health coach.


That said, their beer list is outstanding and it changes daily. Once a keg runs out, it gets replaced with something else worth trying. There is a method to the beer menu, so be sure to ask. I've only had extremely friendly and down-to-earth servers you'd expect from such a lodge-like joint. They're also knowledgeable sticklers for finding you something you'll like. They steered me toward a limited Goose Island 312 Urban Radler with hints of cucumber, lime and mint that I tried to hunt down and a berry-type radler I still dream about. I've opted to enjoy my summer spirits lodged on the couches up front - if you're lucky you'll score a seat in the open window.


I purposely only grabbed this outside photo to preserve your surprise when you look inside. Think big communal table and equally big bar, warm lighting, some stray - hopefully fake - animal heads on the wall, couches draped in campy wool blankets with a smell, I think, of hops and cedar from the kegs and woody accents. Homey yet quirky yet swanky all in one. When I took my friends, they made a loud "whoa" sound at first glance. 


I can't wait to get back here! This time I think I'll honor the name and order some meat but tack on the pickled kohlrabi plate to balance things out!


Write-up by Pam.



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