Online Classes

The SLOW Reset - 3-day wellness experience, 12/12-12/15, $125
Slow Motion Yoga - A Holiday Series, 12/1-12/22, $75

Healthy Thai - A Sunday Batch Cook, 12/5, $50

Pam's 7-Day Online Detox


A detox. A cleanse. What's the dif? For me a cleanse is like hitting your reset button to get your body back to its original factory settings. It's a new way of life, one that is sustainable. A detox takes it a step further and use specific foods to rid the body of toxins. After a detox, eating cleanly is advised. My 7-Day Detox is designed to gently reduce inflammation as well as restore your body's pH balance to improve your energy, strengthen your immune system and create a feeling of lightness. My 7-Day Detox starts 3/16 with the pre-detox opening on 3/14. $75. Click here for details.

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