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Happy March!

While here in Chicago we're still under snow with temps creeping out of the teens, we've technically made it over the winter hump. Let's hope for a sweet spring (March 20). Spring feels like a fresh start, an awakening as the days get lighter and warmer. Our bodies sense this, and just like leaves and flowers come out of hiding to bloom, so do we.

We haven't yet evolved out of our hunter-gatherer body, so in essence our body knows to retain weight over the winter for warmth. I call it my new winter coat. When spring comes, your body senses it's out of danger and will release weight to become more agile for hunting and gathering season.

If you're like most, you abandoned your new year's weight loss motivation somewhere in the middle of January. Trying to lose weight in the winter is like fish swimming up stream. It can be done, but not without bullying yourself there.

Spring brings lots of possibilities to bring your body gently back in balance as it gets the message that winter's over. Here are some simple tips to help your body along...

  • Pick one thing to work on. Rather than overhaul your whole diet, pick just one thing that really needs help: afternoon "pantry raids" (that's pantry), weekend indulgences, drinking more water, or closing the kitchen by 7PM. Working on that one thing will have a ripple effect.

  • Be prepared and cook at home. Having the proper foods around to support you is key. Make up a weekly menu, cook on Sundays for the week, have healthy options to grab and get rid of temptation as much as you can.

  • Keep it simple. Our bodies crave routine. Create a schedule that works for you. Wake up, eat and go to bed at the same time each day. Your body will appreciate the rhythm and will learn what to expect. Rotate a couple favorite meals as well to keep things easy.

  • As the weather shifts, get outside.Then drink a lot of water. Just like plants, we need sun, water and fresh air to bloom.

To support you on your wellness journey, we've been busy creating lots of yum-o recipes. Let us know what you cook and what you like. Check back often for weekly recipes updates and wellness tips! Like us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more food-focused posts. For some personal health coaching, check out my list of online cleanses and events through April here.

If there's something you'd like us to include, let us know!

Happy, healthy cooking!

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