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The Traveler's Diet

As a health coach, I encourage my clients to set goals. I use goals not as a destination, but rather to guide the journey. So, essentially, as we keep evolving, so do our goals.

Setting wellness goals (get bathing-suit ready) and physical goals (do a triathlon) are essential in helping people stay committed to good health physically and spiritually. Challenging ourselves and trying new things keeps our bodies healthy and feeds our soul. You know...boredom feels stifling - adventure uplifting.

So if you're heading out of town to the beach, ski runs or a new city, and you've worked hard to get ready, here are some tips to help keep you on track while you're away. AND, if you saying, "uh, Pam, I've done zilch to get ready," then use these tips to make sure you're not headed further south.


Tip One: Eat a protein-rich breakfast each day. This will set you up for an energetic day and stabilize your blood sugar, so you're not tempted to order nachos el bloato when you're belly up to the pool bar. Been there, done that - it's not pretty.

Tip Two: Pre-pack two snack bags of 20 almonds in each for each day. Throw a couple in your beach bag or ski jacket. Granted fumbling for almonds with ski gloves on is not ideal, but neither is chowing down a giant chocolate chip cookie at the lodge. Again, done that too. Bad idea.

Tip Three: Drink lots of water. Just the plane ride alone can set you up for a water deficit. This can mask itself as hunger or headaches making for a rough start to any properly planned trip. Pack a collapsible water bottle and clip it somewhere on your person.

Tip Four: Be active - but not too much. Try to find a balance between lounging on a chaise all day and never sitting down. You're on vacation, because you need a break. Our bodies need to soften through movement and rest to release the burden of daily stress. Finding a balance between the two will ward off the feeling that you need a vacation when you get home from vacation.

Tip Five: Recognize that a vacation is a time to reconnect to self. Eating yourself silly just because you're on vacation is actually the opposite of connecting. It's disconnecting - and not in a positive way like leaving your cellphone in your hotel room. Shoot for a couple indulgent meals, but don't beat yourself up if you embrace temptation more often. Rather, connect to your choices and thoroughly enjoy them - which is what vacation is all about.

Whether your journey takes you out of town or not, I've planned a mini 3-hour staycation on April 13th to help you hit your reset button. It's my seasonal Root to Rise Retreat at local Elawa Farm featuring Chef Gale Gand. Click here for details and to sign up. Hope to see you there.

If you're looking to get back on track this spring, join my online 7-Day Detox, starting 4/20! Sign up here. (Last chance to detox with me until the fall.)

Lastly, looking for a great page-turner? Get The Other Typist (Thanks, Michelle, for the rec!). Or perhaps some good travel tunes? Click here!

Safe Travels!! Thank you for joining us on this awesome journey!

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