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There have been many a wedding I have attended where a plume of stanky salmon filled the ballroom when dinner was served. Faced with this fatty, oily, mushy, muddy-tasting pink blob, I would opt to fill up on table toffee and dinner rolls instead. I had been officially salmon scarred for years.

But you would have to live in a cave not to know that salmon's anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acid properties put it at the top of the health chain. So, I began to dabble with Verlasso, a cleaner, sustainably farmed salmon, but to me, one that still has that distinct muddy flavor. That's a taste that could be attributed to most farmed salmon's GMO feed and most likely waste-filled waters. Double yuck. So, I moved on to Faroe Island salmon, which is also farmed but has a cleaner taste due to the strong cool currents that keep their "pens pristine." Yet, today's vigilant fish police will tell you to avoid any salmon from the Atlantic and for sure anything farmed. Concerned about my fish whereabouts, I began the laborious task of checking the Seafood Watch every time I went to the fish counter. So, to say I've been saved in many ways by Vital Choice, the wild seafood and organics site that delivers to your door, is truly an understatement.

Imagine perfectly clean, fresh-caught, individually flash-frozen within hours of being caught, 6 oz. pieces of wild salmon from the Pacific coast. Wild King, Sockeye, Silver, seasonal Copper River. With skin or without. No bones. Organic spice rub to boot. Just waiting for you in your freezer any time you want it. Vital Choice has made me a salmon lover, and sort of a salmon snob, for good. Now I know wild salmon doesn't have thick white fat layer swirls. Wild salmon is a beautiful red color, not a sad muted pink. Wild salmon is lean and firm, not oily and soft. And best of all, wild salmon doesn't taste like salmon - at least not wedding salmon.

Since my first Vital Choice order, I was hooked and have not gone back to my grocery store fish counter once. Not even Whole Foods. I get my halibut and scallops from Vital Choice too. I would skip their salmon burgers and salmon sausage, but give their wild canned salmon a try - it's good for making your own salmon patties.

As for pricing, it can seem a little steep when you buy multiple fillets, but the more you buy, the more you save, plus shipping is free. Plus plus, I consider it a small investment in my good health.

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