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B+B Review: The Best Knife Sharpener

Hallelujah! My long and arduous search for a superior knife sharpener has finally ended. My new Trizor Chef’s Choice EdgeSelect is the answer to my sharpener prayers.

I’ve tried a bunch of sharpeners over the years, electric, manual, ceramic stone, you name it and I was never satisfied with the results. Nothing gave me that razor sharp edge I was looking for – one that cuts through a piece of paper like butter. I have an odd fascination with watching my knife easily cut through paper.

Last night I broke out my brand new Trizor Chef’s Choice. I properly read the instructions and sharpened all my knives. It worked like a charm making my knives incredibly sharp. And yes, they passed my test – they cut through paper like butter. I did the happy dance up and down my kitchen. I put the knife down first.

I chose the Trizor for 2 main reasons. One, it's Cook's Illustrated Magazine’s number one rated sharpener and I trust their rigorous testing process. Two, this sharpener works on both Japanese and Euro style knives. I own both styles. The difference is that Japanese knives (like Shun) have a 15 degree blade angle where as Euro knives (like Wustoff, Henkel) have a 20 degree angle. What the Trizor does is reshape your 20 degree edge Euro knives into 15 degree edge knives. I tried it with all my German knives and they became extremely sharp. There’s no reshaping done to your Japanese knives since they’re edges are already 15 degrees.

Be warned the Trizor is not cheap at $159.95 available here on Amazon. But to me it’s worth every penny. After many years of experimentation I finally found a sharpener I love and can recommend to others. If you want super sharp knives, get the Trizor.

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