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Stop the Insanity

I've spent this last month teaching my Yoga for Whole-Life Wellness Workshop, seeing new health coaching clients and leading dozens through my 7-Day Detox.

When I look into people's eyes at the moment they are ready to take back their health, I see lifetimes of frustration and sadness that comes from disappointing ourselves. We can be our harshest critics... beating ourselves up and going to bed angry at ourselves after another day of caving to cravings.

But eyes aside, in my new friends' voices I hear the hope and excitement that comes from the possibility of creating lasting and meaningful change.

While detoxing conjures up images of juicing and starving, my detox is nothing like that. Mine is simply about self-care and the idea that taking good care of yourself is the essence of good health. It's not about losing weight - which is most likely a side effect of the work you will do - it's about finding out what makes you feel healthy from the inside out. How to do that and what your body, mind and spirit need to feel good is what I help my clients learn. I received two emails from clients recently that capture this transformation...

"Today, my daughter and I shared a very healthy lunch and I really had the awareness that the food I choose to put into my body either honors it, or it doesn't. And if I want my body to last another 52 years, I better do my best to honor it every day. It was really a deep awareness. I intend to eat much more mindfully - for now anyway. It isn't a new idea to me, but for whatever reason, it deeply touched me today."

"I need to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don't know if I'll ever weigh what I'd like to again, but I do think I'm starting down a path to something much more important to my sanity than the size of my jeans."

Can you sense their peace?! The true calm and kindness that come when you wake up and truly connect to self.

If you're seeking this sense of awareness and wellness, join me on my 7-Day Detox that starts Monday. If it's not for you right now, please reach out to me if and when you're ready. In the meantime, here are three tips to help you connect to self that really do work...

  1. Take 5 deep breaths 5 times a day.

  2. Sit facing the sun, eyes closed for 5 minutes.

  3. Look to the sky on Sunday night to see this. Find more moments that take your breath away.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy journey...


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