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Peace & Dinner Simplified

This summer, like every summer, sailed by. While the random flow of summer is freeing, the routine of fall is grounding. Needing a dose of grounding mid-summer, I set out on a paddle board on a peace-seeking mission. I had just taught a private yoga session on the beach and saw a rare quiet, waveless Lake Michigan. From where I stood, peace was on that water.

In the time it took me to rent a board and paddle 10 strokes out, about 60 little screaming kids in camp had invaded the beach. I paddled like a crazy woman to get far away and find the peace I was so seeking. Twenty minutes later, exhausted and alone, I lay down on my board. Not another soul or sound. Me. The sun. The water. Stillness. Finally...a pause...

...for just two minutes, when I was jostled right back to my seat by the diesel drone of a motor boat that parked, no joke, 50 yards from me. It was a family getting ready to water ski while the kids cannon-balled loudly into the lake. I knew then that I was being taught peace is not on a lake or in the routine of fall, but rather, peace comes from within. Nonetheless...insert very frustrated expletive here.

As a yoga student and teacher, I know peace is simply in the breath. Yoga teaches us that our poses fit within the breath, so creating a schedule that fits within a peaceful framework is key off the mat.

As a mom and health coach, making a healthy dinner is a priority - but even for me, making dinner some nights tests my peace-keeping skills. To simplify this year, I'm breaking out my slow cooker "Meg-and-Jane" style. Sharing a similar mission as me to make life healthier and more peaceful for more people, Meg Barnhart and Jane McKay created the Zen of Slow Cooking and recently launched their slow cooker spice blends. Complete with recipes and shopping lists, dinner is just a couple simple steps away.

As a friend of mine, you get a special deal this month from Meg & Jane! Get ONE FREE spice blend when you buy two. Enter "The Bread & Buddha Blog" & the spice blend of your choice in the notes section at check out. Shop here. (Please note: Refunds will be issued for the third pack after purchase.)

To literally spice up some of my go-to meals, I used their spice packs to make up a couple recipes on the fly too. So whether you slow cook or are looking for quality spices to have on-hand, the zen can be found in their blends. Click here to read their blog - they featured The Bread and Buddha this month too!

I met Meg on my trip to India in January. On one bus ride, Meg told me how Zen was born simply out of the need to be present for her family and not knee-deep in a recipe every night. She is an amazing mom. This sweet video her son did for her shows you truly get what you give.

If you are seeking other inspirations to be your best healthy self, create a life that resonates deep within your soul, and ultimately find your bliss, join me for my fall 30-Day Tough Love Intensive, starting on September 26th. The busier you are the better. Real change takes real work in the real world!

As always for fun, I'll leave you with...

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