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Big Batch Cooks On Demand, $35
Super Smoothies On Demand, $25

Cook, Cleanse, Connect

Hi Again! Hope you’re well! It has been way too long! I've been busy this year expanding my grab-n-go food business to almost five locations. Then I spent the spring dismantling it as it disintegrated before my very eyes in the wake of the pandemic. I spent the following months immersed in my own pity party, and then when I got so sick of myself, I declared, "pity party over!" That worked, sort of, but bouts of frustration and sadness are very real. We're all feeling it for our own reasons.

I did look for gratitude to feel better. I found appreciation in the pandemics intrinsic effects to bring us back to our roots, encouraging us to eat more plants and less meat, get outside, spend time with family, and be ok being less busy. But the stress of it all got the best of most of us. Chances are you were not running a marathon on your deck like some guys did to stay committed during quarantine. Instead, you may have found yourself back in the pantry looking for more snacks to munch away the time.

Many of you reached out about ways to cleanse after stress eating through these trying times. I recommended then that you hold off, because more restriction would add more stress to the stress. Not good.

Now, having adjusted a bit to our new norm, I feel the time is right to reset. Coming off one of the most beautiful summers I can remember, I know I want to stay up as we head into fall. New seasons encourage us to turn over a new leaf. To help reboot your body and your thinking with some tasty food to satisfy, I'm excited to be back with a new online offering... The 5-Day Deep Cleanse, including recipes and cooking lessons!

What’s does deep mean? We’ll be going deep into veggies and plants. We’re not juicing them. We're prepping and cooking them as they were intended as your main food group in every smoothie, soup, sauce, side, snack and main dish you'll prepare. Yes, you're cooking, but I'll be sharing recipes and we’ll be cooking and learning together on zoom! 

This journey will also include some lean, non-plant proteins if desired and will eliminate dairy and gluten. One cup of coffee a day is allowed. Vegetarians welcome. 

Sign up for The 5-Day Deep Cleanse to enjoy...

  1. a simple eating and lifestyle plan

  2. shopping lists

  3. recipes

  4. cooking lessons

  5. yoga with me - all levels

  6. zoom meet ups

All sessions are recorded if you can’t attend. $125 (couples included for same price).

Cook. Cleanse. Connect. Explore. Feel better. Have fun. Pity. Party. Officially. Over. Let's do this!


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