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Dolphins Don't Eat Twinkies

Happy 2021! Yes, finally! And no, this isn't another new-year-new-you promise. Your body is already working perfectly! Instead, I'll share some new thoughts. Learning feels good. A-ha moments are like little portals opening in your brain and expanding in your heart. New thinking nourishes the soul, so I've cooked up this food for thought...

  1. We are part of a species - the human species. We all know it, but we don't think about it. As humans we need air, water, nourishment, sunshine, shelter, movement and love to survive. Our bodies know what to do with those elements. So, just like you would never give a twinkie to a dolphin, honor our species. Give your body what it truly needs and watch it naturally come back into balance.

  2. Everything you are experiencing in your body (even excess weight) and mind (even excess thoughts) is by design. YOU DID NOTHING WRONG. Shouting this from the mountain tops. Do you hear me? All your quirks and kinks are signs that your masterful and magical body is working perfectly given your life today. If you don't like the output you're getting, you have to change the input. But see #5 first.

  3. Middlescence is the pivotal time between 45-65 years old that feels much like adolescence, where there is confusion, frustration, uncertainty, expansion and growth. It's a time when we search for meaning. I just heard this word and it explains so much about myself and my clients. Middlescence can make you take stock of your life... where are you now, where have you been and where are you going. It's a time to reflect, but a time to grow. Your angst is normal. There's a lot of life to live, so keep asking, "what do you want to be when you grow up?"

  4. Looking back on your relationship with self can be tough, though. You may regret some choices. With kindness in your heart, you may forgive yourself for some. I'll ask you not to. Forgiveness implies you did something wrong, see #2. Forgiveness is confining. Shift it to acceptance. Acceptance is expansive. Accept what was and what is, and then ask your heart to guide you toward what you truly want.

  5. Your body is the boss. You can't run a marathon well when you're sick. You can't grow 5 inches taller because you want to either. You just can't will change in your body. It's why rigid plans and willpower don't work. You can't hack the body for long. Your body is stronger than your mind, and your body will always win. Rather than hold tightly to change, surrender into our species and trust your instincts. With love in your heart, shift what you can by giving the body what it needs. See all of the above..

Do you feel those little portals opening? I'll leave you with one more expansive thought... Rather than look back at 2020 as that awful year with silver linings that can feel tone deaf, be awestruck at the simple notion that we were able to see it with our own two eyes. To live it is to believe it. It was an astounding year in many ways. Ironically for me, despite so much sheltering, I have personally connected with more people this year than any other time in my life. You have virtually invited me into your kitchen, to your dinner table, to your yoga spots and to your heart. To those who have told me the work we've done together has been life changing, the joy of seeing you learn and shift is the gift of a lifetime for me. This is a lifelong journey and I'm eternally grateful to you for coming along for the ride. With these new thoughts in mind, let's look toward brighter days together in 2021. There's much to see and learn out there. Be safe, stay well and let's get cooking! Cheers... Pam, CHHC, E-RYT


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