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Greening My House

Happy Earth Day! Eating food pulled from the earth is simply an awesome human spiritual experience when you are connected. As my students know, as an avid cook, I’m awestruck by the bounty we are given by the earth. I’m mesmerized by the shape and taste of a red bell pepper. Leeks blow me away with their long stalks and rich flavor. I’m a huge fennel fan, pulling off fronds and digging in deep with my knife. I love the sweet crunch of butter leaf so much that I sometimes eat a whole head raw, pulling off roots as I go. I couldn’t live without fresh herbs or lemons and limes. They’re key to the sauces I love to lap up. Cooking has given me a deep appreciation for these gifts from the earth, and I’m compelled to give back. It’s a true giving and receiving relationship.

To do my part, I’m working to change my habits. I’ve done my testing and here’s what I’m loving these days...

🌱I compost all my food scraps with @collectiveresource

🌱I use @goldilocksgoods reusable beeswax wraps instead of plastic and their Swedish reusable dishcloths instead of paper towels. The wraps can be cleaned with cool water. Throw the towels in the dishwasher to clean. Both are compostable when they’re done. I use their produce bags too.

🌱I use sustainable bamboo toilet paper and paper towels from @reelpaper sparing the earth’s trees.

🌱I use @grovecollaborative cleaning concentrates for all my household cleaners. They come in small glass vials that I pour into their glass spray bottles with a silicone base. I love the orange & rosemary scent that doesn’t linger but smells fresh and earthy. I also like their reusable paper towels too.

🌱I use bamboo q-tips and natural deodorant in refillable containers from @byhumankind It works!

🌱I love the wool dryer balls from @wellearthgoods I also love the laundry detergent sheets from @kindlaundry - scented for clothes and unscented for dishtowels.

This is a work in progress. I’ll keep you posted on my earth-friendly ways.


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