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It's Time

Hope you're well and moving into the holiday season with a sense of peace, not panic. I'm doing what I can to keep things festive and not get caught up in the flurry. Holiday deadlines, or any deadline, make me aware of the weight of time. Rather than run against the clock, I'm trying to flow with it.

In my practice to slow my life down, I'm very aware of time - who I give it to and how I spend it. A time keeper. Rather than look at my calendar as a mix of appointments and plans, I see it as my time log. Whatever I do needs to pass the question... Does this deserve my time and energy?

Giving our time and energy to people and plans that deplete us creates much of our anxiety. It's also why when any little thing wastes our time, it can feel like an affront. Compounded, the frustration is very real. It's why we are offended by people who are chronically late, and why we celebrate found time when a needless plan gets cancelled.

As much as I chose to focus on food when beginning my journey to wellness, I turned my attention to my time as well. Just the notion of making a conscious choice to protect my time offered me a sense of relief. Then I gave myself permission to clear my calendar, cancelling anything that I didn't want to do and building in time for me and my meals. I said yes to those things that made my heart leap for joy and declined on those things that felt obligatory. I quit my job at the time, redefined some relationships, took classes that helped me grow, and created a portal to like-minded people by dedicating my work to connecting with them. Buzzing now from joy, I've tapped into a higher vibration. Like a barometer, I'm very aware of anything that dials it down. Clearing away energy that doesn't serve me and holding on to what does is how I manage the buzz.

Preparing for the holidays offers the perfect opportunity to manage time for joy's sake. Will all those errands really make a difference in the time spent with your family? Will you be too wiped out to enjoy your time when the holiday finally comes around? When you turn the hands of your own time, you'll find that time is more than precious and that peace and joy aren't just reserved for the holidays.


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