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It Takes Two

Hope you’re well. I'll make this a two-minute read, since screen fatigue is very real. I feel you! In a world that went viral this past year, the desire for real life in real time is palpable. Here are two powerful tips to ease anxiety that may come up as your calendar fills up.

Tip 1: hum. Tip 2: breathe down. Both actions stimulate the vagus nerve, the longest cranial nerve running from the brain stem to the colon. It’s responsible for 75% of your parasympathetic nervous system, which manages the automatics in the body like creating tears, making salvia, digesting food, maintaining heart rate. It’s "the rest and digest" system. When you stimulate the vagus nerve, you can lower your heart rate or even settle your digestive track, two places anxiety likes to hang out.

The vagus nerve travels near the larynx, so humming, singing, gargling, and laughing tap and tone this nerve. Inhaling down into your belly, not up into your chest, massages the vagus nerve too. It's called diaphragmatic breathing, and we were born belly breathers. Think of little baby bellies pumping up and down. Slowly with age and stress, we become chest breathers. Turns out, breathing down actually lifts us up.

I'm taking my tips to heart as I take my screen-based offerings through the summer season. All classes are online (and recorded), because there’s no better way to learn how to cook and be well than in your own kitchen! Here’s what's coming up…

My LAST online 5-Day Deep Cleanse until fall starts April 11th, all prep material goes out this Thursday! Great for anyone wanting inspiration in the kitchen and on your wellness journey. Life doesn't stop for you to get well. Now is the time! Enjoy my TWO-FOR-ONE SPECIAL and get healthy with a friend! Details below. Here's what one recent student had to say...

"The Sunday cook was life altering for me – I gained so much confidence in the kitchen in two hours. We ate beautiful food and felt great and checked in with ourselves. You are a wonderful teacher and guide." SB

Stay tuned for my Pop-Up Summer Cooks and my 7-Day "Yes, Please, Only Plants" Challenge – on Instagram/Facebook. Starts May 16th and includes recipes, raffle and real time cooks. Follow me for details!

Hope to see you on screen or in real life one day very soon!

With heartfelt intention...


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