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Plants Can Save The World

Hope you're well and settling into autumn. I'm writing with a quick but important Public Plant Service Announcement that I think is worth 1 minute of your time. Here goes...

Plants can save the world!

It’s true. Here’s why…

When you eat mostly plants the way nature intended, your body will come back into balance. It’s just a fact. If you give your body what it's meant to consume, you will feel better.

Why? Because you will reduce inflammation caused mostly by sugar and stress and absorb the nutrients you’re now taking in. You will feel so much better.

I’ve said that twice. So, better how? Like less fatigue and more energy. Less bloated and more settled. Less lazy and more strong. Less weighty and more lean. Less moody and much brighter. Less volatile and more happy. Less scattered and more grounded. Less foggy and more sharp. Less frowny and more smiley. Less at war with yourself and more at peace.

So imagine if you felt like that and then your family felt like that, and then your neighbor asked you what’s changed and why you all look so good, and you say we're eating foods our bodies want like plants, and they say tell me more and you do, and then they do it and soon your whole block is doing it and soon your town and your city and your state and the nation are doing it, and then other nations ask us why we’re so happy and peaceful and why our earth is coming back to life too, and we tell them, and they say tell us more and we do, and then they do it and then the world does it too. This is my dream. Is it yours? To have a healthy future for our kids. To have a healthy planet. Less war and more peace.

See, plants can save the world. Which means, you can save the world! I believe this 100%.

If you want more peace for you and your kids and your kids’ kids, join me and the amazing group that has already signed up tomorrow, SUNDAY, for my new 3-Day SLOW Reset, 10/24-27, $125. It’s a small amount of time to make such a huge impact. Do it for you and everyone else too!

Get your shop list and recipes tonight, shop in the morning and cook with me on Zoom at 3pm CST tomorrow, Sunday. Here's everything you'll get during the Reset...

  • Fun Batch Cook Class with 14 new body balancing, delicious recipes the whole family will love.

  • New knowledge about food and how certain ingredients make you feel full of vibrant life.

  • Intuitive insights into your own health.

  • Invaluable tools to heal yourself forevermore.

  • Space to ask questions and learn.

  • Yoga for all levels to truly slow down and savor a life of wellness.

  • Abundant a-ha moments.

As with all my offerings, I donate a portion of my proceeds to organizations, like the Glencoe Community Garden and the Urban Growers Collective, who bring plants to food deserts. So when you get healthy with me, you're helping someone else get healthy too. If you don’t have the means to take my class, but want to, please reply to this email! This goes for every class. Always.

You can practice getting more plants in your day with my simple Bok Choy recipe below. Bok Choy is the New Kale!

Hope to see you on screen or in real life one day very soon!

With heartfelt intention...



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