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Happy New Year!! Hope you're well. I’m writing to share a surprising fact. You’ll be happy to know that your body is working perfectly even if you’ve already blown your new year’s resolution to eat better and exercise more. Bingeing, craving sugar and falling off the wagon are biologically normal for survival. They are not weaknesses that are your fault. You may not like feeling this way, but your body is behaving properly given its input.

Many mainstream wellness programs promise quick hacks to these complex biological issues. Tempted, we give it a try, they work for a bit and then they don't. The truth is your body doesn’t like hacks. You can’t fix biology by exploiting one system in the body or by willing unhealthiness away.

Gratefully, the days of me feeling down on myself shortly after the new year are behind me. I just turned 52, but I feel like 25 and want to keep it that way! Before I took my health into my own hands over a decade ago, I had to first abandon the world of quick fixes that only made me feel sicker. Then, I devoured information, used my body as a lab, and surrendered to instinct and intuition to help guide my journey. Both help me tap into my internal expert to pick through the smorgasbord of wellness information and decide what will best serve me as my body "evolves." There is much to decipher, much to learn, and much we still don't know.

What I do know for sure is the body is the boss, and it will respond to foods and energy as it is designed to do. Meaning, it will rebel when I try to hack it and it will rebound when I honor it. When I finally changed the input by giving my body and my spirit what they need to be well, I tapped into a well of joy and energy that already existed inside (not in a protein powder) and made peace with my health.

Teaching people the truth about wellness is my passion. I'm a wellness straight shooter, who offers honest information, a shift in perspective and realistic practices to help you begin to live as healthfully as possible. When you do, you’ll see that wellness doesn’t only appear in your mirror. It feels like joy, purpose, connection, love and inspiration in your being.

It's my hope that you'll join me for my online 3-Day SLOW Reset, January 16-19 (next Sunday), because I whole-heartedly want to inspire you to live an authentically healthy life armed with information and unburdened by thoughts of the past. Think of this as a wellness do-over with a fresh slate, abundant compassion for self and delicious recipes. Please join me if you want to...

  • Discover how to work with your body.

  • Replace old habits and old thinking with new, yet ancient, wisdom.

  • Learn a compassionate way toward whole-life wellness beyond food and exercise.

  • Explore flooding your body with nutrients to bring your body and spirit back into alignment.

  • Enjoy eating delicious, good-for-you food and love cooking it yourself.

  • Reconnect with nature through plants and uncover a deep sense of stewardship.

  • Tap deep into your heart to discover a well of joyful energy.

  • Feel authentically bright and beautiful, inside and out.

All classes are on zoom and recorded. Sign up by this Thursday to get recipes and shop list in time. Cost is $125 per household. If you need assistance, please reach out.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2022!

With heartfelt intention...



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