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Still Standing

Hope you're well! I'm writing with some exciting news and a somewhat deep thought. I'm happy to announce that I've combined my two loves and created this online cooking studio and wellness workspace! Learn how to make good-for-you food, plus much more, from my kitchen to yours. My first 5-Day Deep Cleanse sold out! Next one starts 10/11! See below.

Seven months ago, I was elbow deep in quinoa and on my tippy toes peering into stock pots. Commercial kitchens are challenging, especially if you're 5'1". I had no time to see friends, get outside, write, workout or eat! I spent my days lugging containers of prepared food, dragging 40 pound boxes of bananas across the floor, washing sheet trays half my size and standing for 12 hours a day. Workouts weren't needed, and my back felt better than ever. Humans are meant to stand. People often asked me if I cooked all our food in my home. Where would I put 10 cases of fresh greens? How would a staff of 5 fit in my kitchen? No one can truly understand the gargantuan effort that goes into food service unless you're in it. I was in it for a minute – well 3 years, 2 months and 13 days to be exact. Compared to her 20 and her desire to burn the place, mine was just a stint. If we truly felt the plight of restaurants, we'd be emptying our wallets on the table. People would never pay what they should charge. It's a hard, heartfelt business with an inherent mathematical problem. For all they endure, independent restaurant owners and their staff deserve to go home with more than a kink in their necks. If you're interested in helping independent restaurants rebuild and stay Open for Good, click here.

For me, after my car was loaded with our food deliveries and all the staff had gone home and the loud exhaust fan turned off at the end of the day, I often sat in silence in the old walk-in cooler that had become my office. I was so proud of the accomplishments of the day and excited to fill our fridges, but I also knew things were off. Following your heart can take you to great places, but listening to your heart tells you truth.

After losing our kitchen due to the crisis, I couldn't ignore the "no" shouting from my chest each time I explored a possible new kitchen space. I could so relate to filmmaker, Craig Foster, who shot My Octopus Teacher. It's a must-see. His passion for film led him to a life out of balance. He had to extract himself from life to find his life again. While his initial thought was to abandon film, in the quiet beneath the ocean's surface, he found his way back. It takes stillness to hear. Truly listening to your heart carries you in sync with your passion, rather than letting your passion carry you away. So from the quiet of quarantine and some serious soul searching, I'm still standing with my unwavering heartfelt intention intact – to help you, and me, live the most beautiful, healthful life possible. Rather than making healthy living easier by cooking for you, I'm going back to my health coaching roots to show you how. I led my first 5-Day Deep Cleanse last month, and here's what one happy person had to say... "I went in for the food and left with so much more! This week has made me rethink how I eat, how I take care of myself and how that affects every aspect of my life. It has given me nuggets of wisdom that will stay with me for the rest of my life!” KF I'm also excited to get back to writing these posts! I will reach out maybe once a month with more somewhat deep thoughts, recipes (below), offerings and whatnot. I hope you'll continue to stay connected. You can learn more about what I'm offering at The (New) Bread & Buddha Kitchen. As always, if you want to reach me, reply to this email, and I will get back to you. Wishing you a little peace and stillness during this not-so-quiet time.


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