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What Julia Said

"A party without cake is just a meeting."

- Julia Child

Hope this email finds you well and ready for spring, snow aside.

The emerging energy that comes with this season is more palpable this year with our cherished vacations, reservations and celebrations almost on the table. It's about time. We're so ready. One recent rowdy party in Boulder showed what can go down when people's pent up energy goes from flipping happy to flipping cars. I've had my own visions of partaking in a post-Covid party, but more like a "moms gone wild" darty, so I could be back in bed by 10pm. In whatever ways I get to celebrate, I will be all in.

As a health coach, I take my indulgences just as seriously as my salads. I firmly agree with Julia's cake quote, and anyone who knows me knows I don’t turn down birthday cake. I’m not interested in any plan that says birthday cake, or other indulgences, are off the table. My food philosophy is in my name. The foods I love but don't really serve me fit into my 10% (the Bread). The foods I love and do really serve me fit into my 90% (the Buddha). In other words, 90% of the time, I’m mindful. 10% of the time, it’s cake time. That's 36.5 days a year reserved for those vacations, reservations and celebrations. It’s The Bread & Buddha in real time.

I’m pretty sure no one needs help with their 10%, so I’ve made all my healthy cooking classes OPEN TO EVERYONE to work on our 90% together. That means anyone can take my themed Big Batch Cooks, not just Cleanse grads, to find inspiration in the kitchen and on your wellness journey. All batch cooks include only whole foods, mostly plants, vegetarian options, gluten, dairy and sugar free recipes, shop list, zoom lessons and recording. See below to see what's cookin'! Hope you'll join me!

This past Saturday marked the year anniversary that my food business shut down. I could never have imagined where this year would go when I was so down in the dumps when everything imploded. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart of all your support and for joining me on this leg of my journey. In this year of isolation, I've been blessed to be surrounded by more beautiful souls than ever before. I don't take that for granted and look forward to creating more ways to celebrate our good health together.



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