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Boulder, CO

Life is gooood in Boulder - wished we could have stayed all summer. Most people stop in Boulder for a couple nights, but we took it in for a whole week. We like to move into a place and explore it thoroughly. Boulder's got everything going for it: no loss for incredible foods; funky people; excellent trails for biking, hiking and walking; great towns and parks to visit in every direction; yoga in every direction; shopping and tons of eye candy. We started our days prepping for either a big hike or bike - loading up on protein for breakfast, consulting our map, packing up snacks and water (except for that one day I thought I'd get water on the way and we ended up walking 3 miles out of our way just for water! Mark was not happy.) Usually we got back to Boulder by 1PM for lunch at The Kitchen, The Mediterranean or The Sink; people watching on Pearl St; gobbling up dumplings at the Farmer's market; hot tub, massage or hang time on our balcony at the St. Julien Hotel; and then cocktails at the Bitter Bar or street-side at The Kitchen and dinner at some point. The mornings were active and the afternoons definitely chill. It was the perfect balance, topped off with great shopping, yoga or just soaking up the free-spirit of this sunny Colorado gem.

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