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Cleanses, Batch Cook Classes & Yoga

Super Smoothies - On Demand, $25

Yoga for Wellness - Wednesdays, 9-10pm, $15/household


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Musicians, like all artists, are evolved souls in my mind. You know the saying...sing your heart out. That's because that's what these artists do. Totally tapped in and able to emote, musicians and their music move the soul. For yoga, a great playlist can bring energy into a room and settle it back down, helping us move in tempo or facilitating a mood. Here's a collection of playlists I created for yoga that also make great background music for cooking, dinner parties and grocery shopping. If you haven't tried grocery shopping to music, you're missing out! Plug in your buds and enjoy!

Spring Cleanse

New Favorite Jam

Better Than Chocolate

Summer Mix

Summer Jam



Fall Into Fall

Cook Sweeter

Comfort Food

Spring Mix

Winter Chill

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