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Grace is aptly named. The entire experience is a graceful dance of food, vision, creativity and comfort all moving in harmony.  It's true artistry and passion for food served up in an unprentious, excited-to-share kind of way. Set in a crisp dining room, Grace has all the makings to make you feel uptight. But it's deliciousness in every sense let's you melt into your puffy dining chair. Unagruably, the best meal we've ever had in Chicago, Grace won 3 Michelin Stars in 2014 as proof. We celebrated our 20th anniversary there last September, and for the forseeable future, we won't be going back any time soon. Why? For no other reason than simply because our check topped $800 for the two of us - but worth every penny.


Unlike other highly decorated restaurants we've been to in Chicago, where art and food collide, we left Grace actually feeling full. Maybe it could have been the multiple warm bread courses - think pretzel rolls and waffles - with homemade butters or the decent portions. No square inch of pork belly floating on a wire posing as a course at Grace. Rather, the nine courses on our Fauna menu were truly dishes you could sink your teeth into. Yes, one dish was served on a log and another was a duplex created by crystalized sugar, but every element on every plate served a purpose leading to an exciting reveal - like a special anniversary gift waiting to be unwrapped. 


So until our 25th...





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