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Beyond Food and Exercise

The missing link to wellness is learning how to lower your vibration. We're all buzzing with energy, aka stress. Stress leads to dis-ease in the body. Even our kids vibrate on a high frequency. They learn early on to run from one thing to the next. Work hard. Play hard. We wear it like a badge of honor. When someone asks how we're doing, most times our answer is "busy."

Guilty. I'm busy. I like to be busy. Life has a lot of offer and I want to do, learn and see as much as I can. Trying new things is food for my soul.

But knowing when to step down, take a breather and chill out is as important to your health as is nutrition and excercise. It's called regeneration. The act of allowing your body to reset, heal and come back to itself may be missing in your wellness regime. Recovery is a common concept for professional althetes. But you need it too.

If you have brain fog, day-time fatigue, sluggishness, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, chest-crushing stress, or crave sugar and caffeine and then a glass of wine to bring you back down, you're missing some quality recovery time. Have you ever tried to lose weight, did everything 100% right and still the scale didn't budge? This is another way your body is giving you "the slow the 'f' down please" signal.

In the movie Bad Moms, Kristen Bell's character, a mom of four, admits to dreaming about being in a minor car accident - but bad enough that she could be admitted to the hospital to get some sleep - an empathic laugh filled the theater.

As a yoga teacher and a health coach, all of my offerings are about grounding, connecting to self and the space around you. Being centered and awake, so that life doesn't pass you by just because you're busy.

Check out my programs and my Upcoming Pending Pop-Up Destination Retreat if you want to learn how to reset and renew every day on my health coaching site.

Here, I offer you some simple suggestions on how to lower your vibration without having to be taken away on a stretcher...

1. Sleep. If you wake during the night, keep your eyes closed. Then try closing off your right nostril and taking 5 deep breaths in and out only through the left nostril. If you're lucky you'll be knocked out before you get to five. Your left nostril connects to your right side brain, which is calming and nurturing. The breath also stimulates the parasympathic nervous system or the "rest and digest" actions in the body.

2. Know when to say no. If you're already feeling depleted, maybe a big workout, hot yoga or a run isn't the best idea. Put your ego aside and listen to what your body is saying. That goes for social plans, a certain someone or work commitments that could push you over the edge too.

3. Get to water. Water has incredible healing qualities. We came from water, so going back to water is a quick way to lower your vibration. Ideas? Paddle board, take a bath, sit down under a hot shower, take a steam or a dip in a whirlpool, meditate by the nearest body of water and focus on the sounds, or find a flotation tank - it's freaky quiet in there. Lastly, drink it.

As always for fun, I'll leave you with...

  • My favorite way to chill.

  • My son's favorite water bottle with these. He adds fresh squeezed lemon and ice.

  • A cool vibe.

With gratitude and heart-felt intention...


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