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Forget the Lamp Post

Hope you're well and got through candy season in one piece! This year, I spent Halloween in Fort Lauderdale visiting family. I missed the trick-or-treaters and the fall colors, but a walk along the beach perked me up. Despite some traffic and tourist traps, it’s a picturesque, straight route, where I can usually walk for miles without much thought.

Energized by the crisp sea air and the feeling of being on vacation, that walk often turns into a run. My body doesn’t love running as much as my mind does, so I set markers along the way to keep myself from overdoing it. Jog to the overpass. Walk to the palm tree. Jog to the street sign. Walk to bike rack. Despite that, I'll often get carried away and run too much and too far on the way out. Needing to get home for whatever reason, I’ll be forced to push my run markers farther on the way back. On my most recent excursion, I made my loop to return, feeling the familiar fatigue in my legs and time crunch at my back. I set my mark on a lamp post off in the distance. It was a push, but necessary in my mind. Half way there, the internal fight ensued... “I should stop.” “No, run!” “Ouch, my knee.” “Keep going – see if it still hurts.” "I'm almost there.” "No you're not!” As though missing my mark would define my very being, I reluctantly decided to stop running. Vacillating between “no pain, no gain” and “just let it go,” I found myself trying to choose which one would have fewer consequences. Both have served me well; yet, my attachment to those perceived consequences in this situation made the decision hard. Push myself and feel accomplished (and slightly injured). Give up and feel defeated (and slightly wounded). While I mulled this over, I found myself walking and running when I felt like it. I got home in time with both knees intact and a clearer conscience. To push or let go is not the choice. Rather, the choice is in how I do it. Running brings out my inner competitor and an all-or-nothing mentality. It's not a stance that works well in wellness. The route to true health requires grace. Knowing when to push and to let go with thoughtfulness has been an integral part of my wellness journey. There are aspects of health that require me to garner all my strength and others that require an equal effort to let go. Neither are easy, which is why I offer some graceful guidance in my 3-Day Reset, 11/6-11/9. Join me THIS SUNDAY to explore new perspectives on food, self, and your health, while letting go of old habits and embracing innate skills. In addition to making healthy living easier and more meaningful, My 3-Day Reset also includes a menu that is designed to reduce inflammation and promote optimal cellular and energetic health. In other words, it includes a ton of plants. It also includes non-plant proteins, vegan options and...

  • 35 Different Plant Varieties

  • 12 New Delicious Recipes - many will be on my Thanksgiving table

  • 3 Meaningful Discussions

  • 2 New Bonus Recipes

  • 1 Batch Cook – with the easiest prep yet!

  • 1 Evening Yoga Practice

  • 1 Healing Meditation

  • 1 Amazing Feeling of Bliss

All recipes are gluten and dairy free – and delicious. Also, just in time for those holiday triggers, join me for my newest online yoga 4-week series, Yoga for Emotional Intelligence, 11/16-12/14. Please reach out with any questions! With heartfelt intention....

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