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Cauliflower Rice


Cauliflower rice has become a staple in our kitchen. It's a great way to make many dishes carb-free while keeping the texture of the foods we love. Great as a rice dish, veggie side dish or pizza crust. Toss a little oil into our favorite non-stick pan (you can use an SOS pad on it!) and sauté with shallots and garlic for a simple side dish. Plain, uncooked rice keeps for the week, so you can use as needed.



  • One organic medium cauliflower

  • Filtered water


  • Chop cauliflower coarsely and throw in Vitamix or high-speed blender. Add water to cover. You'll need to do this at least twice to rice the whole cauliflower.

  • Blend quickly (3 seconds) until all large pieces have been "riced." Be careful not to over blend or else you'll have mush.

  • Drain water out through a fine mesh strainer. Squeeze out excess water. You may need to dry further on a paper towel. 

  • Use cauliflower rice as rice in side dishes, pizza crust or season as a side dish. 


Time: 5 minutes


HEARTFUL RECIPE - One of our real food recipes that focuses on veggies, protein, healthy fats and/or healthy carbs and doesn't include gluten, dairy, soy, refined sugar, corn or peanuts.


Write-up by Pam.

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