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Cleaning House

Hope you're well. Happy May!

If you've been busy spring cleaning your house, then I have some food for thought for you as you make your way room-to-room. Just like ‘you are what you eat’, I like to say, ‘you are what you live in.’ Our homes and our bodies are connected energetically as our body’s energy centers, or chakras, align with our home. Yes, I, too, was once a chakra skeptic, but with study and practiceI now use chakras to help heal.

Here’s a brief guide on how our bodies and homes pair up and what you can clean up to shift the way you feel. Use the diagram to follow along. The Root Chakra is #1 and the Crown Chakra is #7.

Chakra 1

In Your Body: This is the Root Chakra, your foundation or your physical body, think bones and tissue. This is the house that YOU live in.

In Your Home: This is your home's physical structure: concrete, bricks, frame, landscaping. This chakra resides at the base of the spine in the body, and lines up with your home’s foundation, or the basement, as well.

Clean Up Suggestion: Clear out your garage and tend to your landscaping. This is the first energy you pick up on when you come home. Create a clean pathway from your car to your door for a smooth transition back inside. For a truly steady foundation, you need to go down to the basement. If just thinking about your basement stirs up some stress, start clearing the clutter slowly, one drawer or corner at a time.

Chakra 2 – 5

In Your Body: This is your emotional epicenter, unique personality, creativity, personal power, love and voice.

In Your Home: This is where the all action happens. As in your body, this energy exists in the mid-section or main floor – kitchen, mudroom, family room, dining room, living room.

Clean Up Suggestion: Start with what you can see (counter tops, cubbies, shelves) and clear the space for easy, clean, free-flowing living. Consider creating photo books instead of endless framed photos. And for those hard-to-toss, kid-made clay animals, take photos of them to make a photo book keepsake - and then let go.

Chakra 6 – 7

In the Body: This is your insight, awareness and spirit.

In the Home: This is space for your mind, where we process thoughts and store memories. As in the body, this energy exists in the upper levels where we find the bedroom (dreaming) and attic (storing memories). Clearing this space helps us turn down the noise of our monkey mind to allow for awareness and a deep connection to Self.

Clean Up Suggestion: Create a peaceful bedroom to rest. Clear off your nightstand for starters. I personally got rid of old dark furniture and painted my room white for a clean slate sleep. Cleaning the attic, where we save memories to cherish, is a job that should not be rushed. Take time, reflect, and connect with what you choose to treasure.

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As always, I'll leave you with...

With gratitude, heartfelt intention and good wishes for happy summer...


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