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Hungry for Asheville

We’d planned to go to Asheville last year after hearing many times that it had exactly what we seek in every summer vacation… good food and good hikes. Sadly, our plans were crushed when Mark’s job required that he stay put and work. Vacation #lostcount #denied. Now that Mark’s his own boss, we got to Asheville this time without a snag. On our last day there, we visited the Windsor, the boutique hotel we originally booked. The woman working the front desk asked us where we were from. “Oh. I love Chicago,” she said. “Such a cute little city.” We both replied, “No, Asheville’s the cute little city.” She agreed, and so does anyone you ask who has ever visited.

Full of fun little pockets to discover like the Rhubarb corner and main city square (art fairs and street music). Walnut, Lexington, Broadway, Wall and Biltmore Streets. River Arts District. Biltmore Estate. Asheville is young… think lots of tatts, unexpected clothing combos, big beers and big pours, but we kept up. Daily hikes in the morning. Mountain drives, lunches and drinks in the afternoon. Dinners and music at night. Thanks to friends who sent us their lists (e-hem... Jenny and Roger), here’s how we spent our four so-sad-they're-over days in Asheville. Detox started.

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