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I'm Pam, self-taught chef, holistic health coach, yoga teacher and writer. I started this blog with my husband, Mark, who once was the chef in the family. After I sharpened my healthy cooking chops, he stepped aside and let me call the kitchen shots. The Bread and Buddha™ is where we'll share real food recipes and tips to eat and live from the heart, so that your belly and spirit feel healthfully full. 

How B+B Works
Healthy Real Food Recipes Blogs

Mostly we'll include real food recipes. Some recipes for you to indulge and others that fit within my Heartful-Eating™ plan. It's the food-focused part of the program I created called Feal Real®...a wellness journey for enjoying an authentic life. The journey's intention is to feed the body and the spirit by using your heart as your guide.

My Heartful-Eating® Plan focuses on loads of veggies, lean protein, healthy fats and limited healthy carbs; and eliminates gluten, dairy, corn, peanuts, and refined sugar.


Wait...whaaa?! You're right - no one can eat like that all the time. Heartful-Eating recognizes this and uses the 90/10 rule. 90% of the time you're on the plan, and 10% of the time you're off. On B+B, we tag recipes on the plan as a "Heartful Recipe" and the rest will speak for themselves. All recipes are tested and delicious. No wacky ingredients. Just real food for the soul.


Want to cook and learn with me? Check out The Bread & Buddha Kitchen! It's my online cooking studio and wellness workspace, where I run cleanses, cook sessions, yoga classes and more throughout the year. Click to learn more!

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